To Make Great Leaps in Life, Everyone Needs a Window


There are many different individuals who have overcome incredibly challenging conditions to become great beyond their wildest dreams – and what they all have in common is having a window. A vantage point into something higher and greater than where you are, so you can see where it is you can jump next. Having that window can be the difference between growing and not.

For David Wood (my fave podcaster) it was washing windows for grand estates- he saw artifacts and tapestries from around the world and it showed him what was outside his tiny isolated town. For author/self-helper Les Brown it was shining the shoes of a rich man who listened to inspirational self-help records. It was through those records that he learned how to grow his confidence. He discovered the power inside himself.  For me, it was the portfolio shows of experimental animation students that my mom took me to see as I was growing up.  When we can’t see where what’s possible from our own life, sometimes it takes looking into a window of possibility.

If you're struggling with where you're at in your life - maybe you feel lukewarm on where it’s headed, or stagnant, or plain old stuck — try opening a window.  Look for a way to view the world that is outside of your current condition so that you can witness a grander vista on the potential that’s already inside of you.  This window can be found by looking into a world that is not immediately around you now, in life.

No matter who you are, there are windows a’ plenty.  To find one takes is leaping outside of your routine and looking into a microcosm of something that inspires you.  Buy a ticket into a preview of a world you’d like to live in.  Visit the lifestyle of another person you wouldn’t mind living in for just one day.  Push yourself to look out of place in a space you’ve always been curious about.  Make the trek across town to go see that museum/store/tour/space in person that you’ve read about before.  In general, try to gain a vantage point into another social circle or discipline that touches upon something you love or would like to understand.  What you are looking for is a fresh perspective gleaned from a space that is elevated and removed from what you know, now.  It is in one of these windows that you will find another part of yourself that is currently, unseen.  

If there’s nothing in sight at the moment, don’t worry – that window will arrive.  Just keep your eyes and mind open to upcoming opportunities to go higher or take a scenic detour. Seek insight and wisdom and potential in a place outside of your bubble.  All it takes is keeping your ears and eyes wide open – and allowing yourself to wander off the beaten path. 

I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring week my lovely friends. xox Sarah-May B.


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