An Introduction to “The Break-Up Album” a podcast album all about how to turn your break-up into an opportunity

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Hi friends, in honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share an introduction to “The Break-Up Album” my podcast album coming out later this year. Why? Because it can be a difficult holiday for many of us – the pressure is on! And if you’ve recently been through a break-up, Valentine’s Day can be like a party to celebrate your pain – it salts the wound and makes you feel like you’re not good enough because you don’t have a person to call your own. But in reality, you’ve been given a gift – if you choose to see it that way. That’s what the Break-Up Album is all about! Using this time as the opportunity for personal growth, that it is. So with that – take a listen to the first chapter of, “The Break-Up Album” available later this year.

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Sending you much love xox Sarah May B.

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