Why The Truth Is Always Personal

"What people say"

A rumination on facts and the truth.

People will often tell you that they know something ‘for a fact.’ That you are wrong for doubting or thinking otherwise. That statistics don’t lie. That research proved it. That the show they heard it on is highly regarded. That they read it in that book, which everyone knows, is incredibly reputable. That they know what they’re talking about. That this is different – it cannot be debated, it is an absolute.  That certain things are just impossible, and it’s widely understood how impossible it is. That it was dispelled years ago. A hoax. That you have been duped. That you can read it for yourself, but you really don’t need to. That you should listen to them on this one. That you trust them on this one, because otherwise you will likely regret it. They have anecdotes a’ plenty.

People will tell you facts throughout your life. They will state them with absolute conviction. And these people will be credible, trustworthy, well intentioned, and educated.  They will be the types who are worth listening to if anyone is, because they are achieved and learned - what they know is vast and highly esteemed. These people will speak it with passion and it will be coming from the right place, and it will be hard to think there’s any doubt that what they are saying is true. But never forget: No matter who says it, the truth can and will only come from you.

Remind yourself to step back from their truth because it is not yours, yet. Yours must be arrived at based on your own investigations. No matter who it is, or how much you respect them, the truest answer can only come from your research and judgment of all of that research. Don’t listen to agree. Listen to discover more questions.  It is not that you should intend to close off – but more stay open and always questioning. On matters that are life-altering – especially, never take anything based on a person’s word.  Simply step back and keep it in the top of your mind for careful consideration – but do not immediately place it into your ‘truth’ pocket.

Because what you will realize one day, probably years later, is that a lot of amazing and wise people state a lot of facts and often those facts betray other facts, but somehow in the end – all of them are a version of true. But how true is true is irrelevant. Because sometimes you can never know – and what works for you is the real relevant truth. How you make sense of this world based on what your soul and gut tell you – that is your truth, and it needs to be given a voice that is louder than anyone else and their facts or the books they have read.

You always get to step back from “absolutes” and make your own decisions about anything and everything; To look over what information is out there and select what you believe to be valid and true based on your best judgments. I find that there are so many people out there who tell you “the truth” and mean it passionately and often that truth will live with you and guide you for many years. And many times, many things you learn will contradict – despite the fact that they are all versions of truths.

You get to choose your truth always no matter who says it and it is your responsibility – to yourself to choose it wisely. The key is to listen to someone tell you “how it is” and immediately step back. Allow yourself to assume it might not be true at all. Not for any other reason than because YOU get to make a decision for YOU when and if you want to. There’s not a rush on your arrival at that understanding.

You choose how you want to make sense of the physical world and more importantly – your life and how you guide it, improve it, and ultimately live it.

Never forget to step back and make room for your own truth.

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