A Short Teaspoon Survey: Help Me, Help You! xox

Hi lovelies! If you have a moment, I would love to get your thoughts on the below survey as I am going to be growing my content soon and I care about your opinions and how this project evolves. You matter - all of you! So please weigh in - I want to make you HAPPIER, not annoyed and disappointed - so this will help me best do that. :)

xox Sarah-May B.

If I were to convert to a membership format on the Teaspoon site, what would you consider paying for?

If you were to offer weekly bonus content for a low monthly cost (let's say $5.99) I would:

I don't like it (most) when blogs/podcasts:

I would be happy to pay for regular postings of:

Whatever you wrote in the above box, would you consider paying for this?

I come here to be:

I would love it if you added a store with curated:

You are awesome and I heart you very much! This is all in the interest of better serving you, my virtual besties! xox

BlogSarah May B