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All Worry is Wasted: How to get out of a negative mindset

When you feel bad about something, anything, and your brain is making you witness it over and over again. Maybe it’s an impending doom or something you wish you could change, what you must remember is that you don’t HAVE to experience this thought or feeling. It’s totally optional. In fact, you can decide to not experience it at all. It doesn’t mean that thing is not something you believe to be true, it just means you can decide you’re not going to waste any time at all being bummed about it. Why? Because it’s wasted energy. All negativity is wasted and can be changed with something as simple as a conscious decision. Because negativity is only hurting you – no one else.  And therefore, it’s worthless and unloving.  Not to mention, counterproductive.  It doesn’t serve your fight or flight instincts, it just emotionally drains you and distracts you from more important things like action.  It’s sucking away motivation you could otherwise apply toward something positive and productive, like feeling gratitude for what you do have that’s great in your life. Think about that for a moment.  

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